Only local lambs, only females, only Byzantines, these are the secret of the success of the opposite in Petousis... well not only these, we also know something about good cooking.

The meats that we use in all our preparations are only fresh and in fact by selected partners who are famous for the quality of their products.

The processing of the meats is done in our space with our own high standards and the daily tireless care and love of The Petousis family that for over 46 years offers to the public of Heraklion and not only, products of unparalleled quality and an honest value for money!

Antikristo is a traditional technique of cooking meat on Crete. A young lamb (or a goat, on rare occasions) is cut into four pieces (called goulidia), salted, then placed on big wooden skewers that are arranged around the fire in a circular formation, taking into consideration the direction of the wind, the intensity of the fire, and the distance between the fire and the meat.

This process lets the meat cook in its own fat and salt with the heat coming from the flames instead of coals. The name antikristo means across the fire, describing this unique technique. The meat is slowly cooked, sometimes up to 6 hours, and it develops different flavors in the process.

In the past, antikristo was common in the villages of Psiloritis mountain, but nowadays it can be found anywhere in Crete. Traditionally, it's prepared and cooked exclusively by men, most often shepherds.

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